• Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP
  • Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP
  • Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP
  • Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP
  • Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP
  • Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP
  • Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP

Dell P3JW1 Server Power Supply


Model/Part number:P3JW1


AC Input:88-264V 220W 60/50Hz

DC Output:100-127V 6A - 220V-240V ~



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* They are manufactured using the most up to date TI chip set.

* High-quality Dell P3JW1 Server Power Supply with very popular price in our shop.

* Alternative products made by modern technology, Compatible with Dell INSPIRON 3647 660S V270S D06S.

* Modern technology with a fast charging speed.

* High-quality workmanship: A flexible and durable cable.

* Guaranteed safety: Protection against short-circuits, overheating and excess voltage.

* Repeated simulation tests to ensure accurate matching.

* All of our Server Power Supply were certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 for safety, you can buy with confidence!

* Every customer will get our best service. 1 year maintenance and 30 days return. If you are not satisfied with the service or have any other questions, please contact us.

Brand Dell
AC Input 88-264V 220W 60/50Hz
DC Output 100-127V 6A - 220V-240V ~
Power 220W
SKU DEL17561_Se
Color Silver
Model P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP

Dell P3JW1 Server Power Supply compatible product number

L220AS-00, L220NS-00, L220WS-01, D220ES-01, D220PS-00, D220R004L, H220AS-00, H220NS-00, HU220AS-00, HU220NS-00, HU220NS-01, HK320-82FP, HK329-82FP, D220R004L, DPS-220AB-9 A, DPS-220AB-12 A, DPS-220UB A, CPB09-D220R, PS-5221-03DF, PS-5221-02D1, PS-5221-03D4, PS-5221-06, R82HS, R82H5, R5RV4, RTTPJ, FXV31, M32H8, P3JW1, TTXYJ, 4C9X9, 5NV0T, 650WP, 6XYV0, 89XW5, 96MTV, D220R003L

Dell P3JW1 compatible Server Power Supply model

For Dell Inspiron 3647 660s
for Del Vostro 270 270s
for GATEWAY SX2300 SX2310 SX2311 SX2800 SX2801 SX2802 SX2840 SX2841 SX2850
for Acer Aspire X1200 X1300 X1700 X1800 X3200 X3300 X3810 X5300 X5810
for Acer Veriton X2110 X2610 X2610G X2611G X270 X275 X4610G X4618G X4620G X480G X490G X498G X6620G Z410G Z411G Z430G Z431G
for acer eMachines L1200 L1210 L1320 L1700 EL1200-05w EL1200-06w EL1200-07w EL1210-01e EL1210-09 EL1210-11 EL1700 EL1700 EL1300G-01w EL1300G-02w
for the Dell INSPIRON 3647 660S V270S D06S
for LITEON PS-5221-06 PS-5221-9 DPS-220UB-A CPB09-D220R L2.7
for LITEON PS-5221-06 CPB09-D220R PS-5221-9 DPS-220UB-A
for Chicony Acer/eMachines/Gateway CPB09D220R
for GATEWAY X3810 X5300 X5810 CPB09-D220R PS-5221-03DF
for Chicony CPB09-D220R REV 02 D220R003L

P1: 24-Pin ATX Power(Could be separate to 20-Pin + 4-Pin)
P2: 4-Pin ATX Power
P3: 2x SATA Power

Proper use of the Dell P3JW1 Server Power Supply

1. Please confirm that the product ordered is compatible with the brand, model number and part of the device.

2.It consumes power even when the power switch is set to (standby). To avoid power consumption, unplug the AC adapter from the power outlet when the device is not used for an extended period of time.

3.Do not use power sources other than those corresponding to the specifications given. Otherwise, fire or electric shock may occur.

4.Do not touch the power cord plug with wet hands. Otherwise, electric shocks may occur.

5. Fully insert the electric plug into the socket. Do not use an outlet with a loose connection.

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How to choose the correct Dell power?

1.A Server Power Supply is not as simple as it sounds. The function of a Dell P3JW1 Server Power Supply in a Dell server is complex, and it must be able to distribute the correct amount of electricity to each part of the server. If the unit is not powerful enough, it will fail to supply the right amount of Dell P3JW1 power to the server components, and the server will either function well below par or completely fail to switch on.

2.There are a number of different things to take into account when shopping for a Dell P3JW1 Server Power Supply. While some of the following attributes may be familiar to an experienced computer user, others may represent new and useful information.

Conditions for shipments

All shipments are made after payment. The product will be carefully packaged. Once the shipment is complete, we will send you an email with a traceability code so that you can control the status of your shipment at the post office or courier site.


Dell P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP Compatible Server Power Supply Dell INSPIRON 3647 660S V270S D06S, 1 year warranty, we offer safe, reliable, efficient and durable Server Power Supply, and guarantee price concessions, high quality.

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